Wild Republic Jumbo Smilodon Plush, Giant Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, 30″


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Want to party like it’s the early Pleistocene period? you do? then this oversized stuffed animal is perfect. Smilodon or better known as saber -toothed Tiger prowled the land as a predator but our realistic stuffed animal may look ferocious but all it wants is to be held and cuddled with. Prehistoric stuffed animals make a fun show and tell items and great for imaginative play. This Smilodon animal plush is the domesticated version that you and your children will love to have around. This jumbo plush makes a great toy for kids. Want to get a great gift for a cat lover in your life? why not purchase this jumbo cat plush animal? those two large teeth are harmless but the monster under your child’s bed does not. Your child will feel safe with his giant stuffed plush companion next them while they sleep. This jumbo is one of many different animals to choose from.This saber-toothed cat may look ferocious, but as a giant plush toy, he’s interested only in play and cuddles.
Prehistoric stuffed animals make fun show and tell items, as large plush toys, and are great for imaginative play, pretending of Prehistoric times.
His furry face and soft coat make this large stuffed animal a perfect friend to roam Prehistoric times with, as saber tooth Tigers ruled the ice age.
These giant stuffed animals are built to last a long time, made of high quality fabrics and designed with great detail.
Smilodon or saber toothed Tigers make great gifts for boys and girls who are inquisitive about Prehistoric times.

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