Wild Republic Bighorn Sheep Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Hug’EMS 7″


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Say hello to this 7″ stuffed animal sheep, specifically a bighorn- what a treat. The North American sheep who is one of two species- you can take this stuffed toy wherever without needing a leash. This plushie is perfect for boys and girls of any age- the sheep can be free to roam without needing a cage. If, while roaming, this plush toy gets dirty- it’s surface washable and can be cleaned in a hurry. Known for their horns, bighorn sheep are pretty great- grab our zoo animal plush now- you won’t want to wait! Bighorn sheep are relatives of the goat and live in the mountains from Canada all the way to Mexico. Male bighorn sheep are referred to as rams, and females are called “ewes. ” While these sheep are herbivores and primarily graze on grasses, this kids toy won’t be needing meals. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts or birthdays gifts for kids- this sheep is a great choice and your child WOOL love it. For your little soccer player or your little baaa-llerina this sheep, and all of our cute plushies are sure to please. Picking great stuffed animals, toys for kids or gifts for kids can be hard- that’s where we come in. Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, with unique speciation in lifelike stuffed animals.This is our L bighorn sheep stuffed animal is approx. 7″ in size, and is quite a treat
Both boys and girls of all ages will love snuggling up to this plush sheep in a car, bed or while watching TV.
You can feel good about your child hugging this toy, knowing it’s made with the highest quality materials
If your toy happens to get dirty don’t fret- the plushier is also surface washable
This sheep also makes a great educational gift for children when teaching them about animals

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 6.99

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