School Zone – Three-Letter Words Wipe Clean Flash Cards, Preschool and Kindergarten, Ages 3 to 6, Write-On Learning, Interactive Flash Cards, Early Reading, Includes Dry Erase Marker


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Make spelling B-E-E s as easy 1-2-3. Small words help launch big reading success! Recognizing and mastering sight words helps prepare little learners for comprehending text. The bold illustrations and handy wipe-clean surfaces of these Three-Letter Words interactive flash cards also make them a great first step to reading and writing! Preschoolers and kindergartners can practice tracing letters and spelling words at their own pace. They simply erase and try again. You ll be amazed at how quickly they will recognize, read, and write these common three-letter words on their own. Change it up, and show them how words string together. Help them write silly sentences. Choose some nouns, adjectives, and verbs from the cards and say them out loud. Kids can write down the sequence that makes them laugh. Also encourage making poems out of the three-letter words. This set includes over 100 sight words, as well as a dry erase marker. Make the world of words and letters feel easy, fun, and full of possibilities.

Why wait for spelling lists and tests? School Zones Three-Letter Words is a powerful educational resource that helps kids to communicate with confidence and fluency. Mastering the building blocks of words early on sets the foundation for a lifetime of speaking, writing, and reading well. Kids will enjoy playing with letter combinations, rhyming words, and beginning sounds!

One delighted parent wrote: The Three-Letter Words set comes with 32 cards that cover over 100 sight words. It allows children ages 3-6 to copy the word 2 times, and then write it all by themselves one time. Of course, they are clued by the vibrant pictures! My son was so proud of his hard work! This dry erase set brought me 30 minutes of peace and quiet…

As kids build letter, spelling, and word recognition, and object-letter association skills, they also practice tracing, printing, fine motor skills, following directions, and eye-hand coordination. Imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving grow, too! Tuck these unique flash cards into a backpack, tote bag, or carry-on bag, and pull them out for on-the-spot fun and learning. They are wonderful for the preschool, kindergarten, and first grade classroom too!

These flash cards also offer great possibilities for parents working together with kids, and kids working with friends and siblings, including creative game play. For example, select the cards that show pictures that begin with the same letter sound. The letter p includes Pan, Pie, Pig, and Pen. Practice sounding out the words with your child slowly and be sure to emphasize the beginning sound of each word! Then invite your child to think of more words that have the p sound. Write the words that he or she says onto the cards using the dry-erase markers. When you both have thought of as many p words as possible, read the list aloud together. See if you can come up with a funny p sounding story and say the words as fast you can, creating your own tongue twister: Peter Panda Plants Pies for the Pink Piggy.

Drawing inside of shapes helps your child not only to identify shapes but also helps to prepare your child for more difficult writing tasks later on such as printing letters! Before leaping to drawing more complex shapes, invite kids to add polka dots or squiggles to their favorite illustrations. For a different variation of this activity, invite kids to draw more spots on the Cow and the Bug or more stripes on the Bee. For another creative challenge, ask your child to add his or her own drawings to the pictures. For example, what could he or she draw on the Web illustration? How about a spider? Should the Hat have a feather or two?32 interactive cards
over 100 sight words
dry erase marker
wipe-clean surface
bold, friendly illustrations

Click Buy Now for Updated Price. Estimated Price: 5.99

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