MooToys Money and Gift Card Maze Puzzle Box. Cool Brain Teasers for Kids, Boys, Girls, Teens and Adults, Perfect Gag Gifts (Blue)


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Are you tired of handing money and gifts Over to your children or relatives-literally? Make them work for their gifts in a fun and unique way! This money and gift card maze is age appropriate for school aged kids, teens, and even adults! It requires some problem solving skills, fine motor coordination, and patience in order to unlock the “safe. ” The maze allows you to stash away cash, change, and even gift cards! How to use: in order for the gift recipient to use the maze, they must tip, tilt, and turn the maze box until they get their ball toward the slider on the top of the box. Move the slider to the right until you hear the unlock sound. The top of the box will pop up and they can enjoy their monetary gifts! Also keep in mind, in order to stuff the maze; you also have to crack the code in order to load up your loot! Friends, family, and co-workers alike will love the challenge and the effort They have to put into the present. Whether you’re giving it in seriousness or simply good fun, The maze box is a crowd pleaser and will be enjoyed by all!The gift that keeps on giving-if you don’t feel like wrapping presents or being burdened with buying a card (that gets tossed anyway), the maze box can be used again and again and will be anticipated by children and loved ones.
Perfect level of challenge-not too easy and not too difficult or time consuming, the maze requires the perfect amount of challenge and effort before giving out a Gift!
Reusable-once the code is cracked and the cash and other goodies are removed, It can be used as a commemorative piggy bank or contraption that stores small stuff.
Simple to stuff-because it is equipped to store cash, change, or a gift card; all compartments are of appropriate size and are simple for the giver to stuff and shut
Compact-perfect for a grab bag gift, a stocking stuffer, or a fun Replacement for a card; The money and gift card maze is also easy to travel with When visiting friends and family over the holidays.

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