FiestaFive – Confetti High Five HandHeld Toy Shooter with 6 Refills – Blast Confetti From Your Hands, Reloadable, Patented Perfect High Five Design, Safe Air Powered Party Favor – Red/White/Blue


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You know that feeling when you give the perfect high-five? Multiply it by fireworks! We have all been there before…completely submerged in a pool of celebratory tension when you make direct eye contact with someone who is ready to take that moment to the stars with an epic high five. But, in all your excitement and haste something terrible happens. Someone took their eye off the elbow, or had slippery hands, and what could have been the perfect high five ends in humiliation and sadness, or perhaps even pain and stinging. When we set out to enhance one of the most common forms of celebration known to mankind, our first focus was make it consistently awesome. The FiestaFive gives you that satisfying thunderclap every-time, without hurting your hand. Add to that a shower of colored confetti and it’ll be your cheeks that are hurting from smiling so hard! The FiestaFive is the home run your team needed to win the game, it’s the jackpot on the slot machine, it’s your next viral video, it’s sunshine on a rainy day, it’s the touchdown in overtime for the win, it’s your best friend walking through the door, it’s a new personal best, it’s the last puzzle piece and the perfect fit, it’s what no one expected would happen and everyone loves. Take your celebrations to the next level with reloadable confetti high fives. Every high-five you give and receive will send a blast of shiny confetti up into the air above you. Each FiestaFive shooter comes with six (6) confetti cartridges that can be reloaded for your next epic high-five with ease. You become the party and everyone will want to high five you and try it out. Your chances of being ‘left hanging’ are negative. The FiestaFive is guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone around you and create a hilarious, exciting, dramatic high five celebration as confetti rains down from above. Kids love the FiestaFive and can’t get enough!SHOWER IN CONFETTI – At the peak of your celebration when two hands come together for an epic moment of high five bliss, you can’t afford not to have confetti blast high into the air and rain down around your triumphant gesture!
QUICKLY RELOADS – The FiestaFive comes with six (6) confetti cartridges that slide into the top without any hassle. Additional refills can be purchased and the handheld shooter can be reused over and over again!
100% SAFE – Take full advantage of the raw force in your high five and utilize air pressure to expel confetti high up above your happy hands without the use of any black powder or fireworks! The FiestaFive is safe in your palm, pocket, and while traveling!
GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE – Perfect for any occasion, all ages, gift exchanges, stocking stuffers, holidays, birthday party favors, sporting events, weddings, dance floors, ending a presentation, closing the deal, and spreading joy!
HIGHEST QUALITY – Years of researching the perfect high five and thousands of trials went into bringing you a simple and effective design that puts special effects and the party in the palm of your hand and everywhere you go!

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