Elenco Teach Tech “Mech-5”, Programmable Mechanical Robot Coding Kit, STEM Building Toy for Kids 10+


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“Young engineers will be delighted with the new HydroBot Arm Kit. It is powered by water, so no motor needed! They can use the levers and the power of hydraulics to move the multi-axis arm. The lever controllers have a special braking system that helps to achieve fine, accurate tasks. The gripper can open and close with a maximum 47mm (1.89 in.) gap, wrist joint rotation of 180deg., wrist joint mobility of 98deg., elbow joint range of 44deg., base rotation of 270deg., and shoulder joint motion of 45deg., with a vertical reach of 16.35in., horizontal reach of 12.42in., and 50g lifting capacity. Grippers can be removed and replaced with suction components to pick up objects with smooth surface areas of no greater than 50g (1.75 oz.). The clear, animated instructions make the assembly and operation of this STEM robot easy to understand. Best suited for Future Engineers 12 and up.

Elenco Teach Teach products are based on STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to teach and encourage kids in their development, all while having fun! All Teach Tech Green-Energy robots are powered by either water, wind, or sun, so there are no batteries required. Perfect for future engineers ages 12+.”The HydroBot Arm Kit lever allows builders to move, grip, and even a suction cup different objects!
Kids can easily switch between grippers or suction cups, depending on the object they are moving.
Powered by water, the Hydrobot Arm’s are controlled with hydraulic plungers.
With 6 different axes, the arm can rotate up to 270 degrees from the base.
LEARN BY DOING. Perfect for future engineers ages 12+.

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